How to Make Ground Beef in the Instant Pot (from Frozen or Fresh)

Instant Pot Ground Beef (Frozen and Fresh) is more than a recipe. It is a kitchen hack that comes in handy on busy days and especially when you forgot to thaw your ground beef one day ahead!

So stop wondering whether you can cook frozen ground beef… go ahead and cook your hamburger in the Instant Pot for a delish and quick dinner.


Water Ground beef Olive oil Taco seasoning Broth beef Lime juice Onion

Let's Make Instant Pot Ground Beef 

Pour water over the bottom of the pot and then position your trivet. Place 1-2 pounds of ground beef on your trivet, piece the beef, lock the lid and turn the valve to sealing.

Step 1

Set to high pressure and set the time as follows: For FRESH ground beef, cook for 6 minutes (if the meat is in a flat form) or 8 minutes (if it is in a tube form).

Step 2

When the cooking time comes to an end, let the pressure release naturally for about 5 minutes and then do a quick release.

Step 3

Once your meat is cooked, transfer it to a place, remove the trivet and discard the water. Place the cooked meat back into the pot and break it up into small chunks.

Step 4

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