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About Denise Browning

Hello and Olá!

I am Denise Browning, a native Brazilian happily living in the USA for more than 14 years.


I was born and raised in Pernambuco, Brazil, a place where passion for food runs in our veins!!! I was a happy lawyer and foodie there, who married an American physician (my best friend) and immigrated to the USA in 2002. I lived for 5 years in California, where I attended California Culinary Academy, graduating in Culinary Arts – Le Cordon Bleu program. As part of my training, I carried out an externship at Elegant Events Catering, Inc., under the supervision of its Executive Chef/owner Jacques Hayes, who worked for Tri Star Motion Pictures as well as for “Epicurean Magazine” and “Food and Beverage Journal,” among others.

In 2007, I moved with my family to Texas. Since then, I have dedicated my time to raising two wonderful girls…


… and continuing to do what I do best: cooking! – and now teaching others how to cook.

In 2012 I started a blog called From Brazil To You. Org to share recipes and stories from my gorgeous and delicious home country, which grew to become the largest Brazilian food blog in the English language.

In December of 2016, I decided to expand our horizons and explore dishes from American and other cuisines, but to put my own spin on them. Having a multicultural family made the transition quite easy — every day my children can enjoy the great food and culture that their two home countries and also many others have to offer!


Because of this, the name of our blog changed to Easy and Delish, as a way to incorporate a larger concept. Easy and Delish contains two recipe indexes– one with Brazilian recipes (both traditional and contemporary) and another containing American and other recipes. Most of the recipes that you will find in our generic recipe index focus on quick and easy weeknight meals for the busy, everyday home cook, as well as no bake or fuss-free desserts.


Easy and Delish basically suits my lifestyle… and I hope it suits yours too!

I would like to thank you ahead of time for stopping by and trying our recipes. Enjoy!

12Much love,

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About Photography and Food Styling

As a trained Chef, the kitchen is really where I feel most at home.

Yet I do love food styling and collecting props. What can I say?  I am a shopper at heart! 🙂

However, food photography is a new horizon for me.  I started learning about it as of February, 2012, beginning with the debut of my food blog From Brazil To You.Org.

From then until now, I have been using essentially a Nikon D7000 with a 90 mm F/2.8 macro lens for most of the photos.

All of the pictures are taken by me, except where otherwise noted.  In the very beginning, when I did not have yet a professional camera, Victoria L. Perez took a few pictures, under the name ‘Lasting Memories Photography.’ These pictures can be found in 3 or 4 of my initial posts.

Since my house does not have an abundance of natural light, photography has been even more challenging for me.  But I hope to continue improving my technique though, so I have been using the following very useful sources:

  • Xiaolu’s article on food photography & styling tips.
  • Food Photography: From Snap Shots to Great Shots by Nicole S. Young
  • Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling by Helene Dujardin
  • The Food Stylist’s Handbook by Denise Vivaldo

I am basically taking it one day at a time.  Hopefully I’ll get there! 🙂

About Brazilian Ingredients seen in my Brazilian Recipes & Others

Most of the Brazilian ingredients used in my Brazilian recipes are available both in Latin supermarkets and online.  Here are a few online sources:

If you have any question about any Brazilian ingredient/recipe, please email me at [email protected] under the subject “About an Brazilian Ingredient/Recipe” or leave a comment below the post.

If you have questions about any other recipe that is not Brazilian, you can contact me at [email protected] I’ll try to respond as quick as possible. Thanks!

About Measurements

My recipes use the U.S. measuring system, in which 1 cup is equivalent to 240ml instead of the Brazilian measuring cup (1 cup = 250ml), 1 Tablespoon is 15 ml, and 1 teaspoon is 5 ml.

If you have any questions about measurements, please consult the the cooking weight and measures by country charts.

About Blogging Guidelines

Just like everything else in life, this blog also follows a few rules.  Here are a few things that it’s important for you to know:

1- I do not expect that you will always agree with me. What I expect from you is that you treat me with the same respect with which I treat you.  This is a family blog, so I won’t accept any insults or any foul language.  Any mean comments will be deleted.

2- You are welcome to share my recipes as well as use my photos on your blog as long as you give me the appropriate credit.  Please, mention my name (Denise Browning) and link back to my site/post.  This is a matter of ethics.  I myself follow this rule and I expect the same from others. Thank you! 

3- I do not accept requests for exchanging links nor for game nominations.  First, because what I like, I like!  Second, because every blogger knows how much work is involved in blogging.  My focus is on providing the best for my audience and spending quality time with my family. Thanks for understanding!

4- I also do not accept requests to place a product link on my blog (just because someone asks me nicely).  Any product link or advertisement eventually seen here will have been previously approved by me.  In order to approve something, I will test the product first and if I like it, it will appear here.  I will not deceive anyone — especially my audience, which I respect so much. Thanks!

5.  I do not accept offers from others to provide free guest posts on my blog.  If I need someone to guest post here, I ask fellow bloggers that I know and trust.

6.  Brands are required to pay for any form of advertising here– no exceptions (and please, no cleverly disguised attempts).  There are many costs in blogging that I have to pay for out of pocket, so I don’t share my space for free.

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